Newfound confidence and abilities - The Tandana Foundation organizes and supports a number of women’s programs in the Bandiagara District of Mali, including literacy, numeracy, and leadership courses and income-generating activities. The following blog contains a recent update from a literacy and leadership student who shares a story of what she was able to accomplish through participating in the courses.
Ecuador experience an honor for volunteer gardeners - Earlier this year, The Tandana Foundation hosted a group of members from the Ohio Master Gardener Volunteers program. Pam Bennett, the Ohio State Master Gardener Program Director, wrote about about her experience on the trip in the Dayton Daily News. Her article is below.
Black Lives Matter - At Tandana, we join with those who are grieving and stand with those who are seeking justice and battling racism. Black lives matter. We recognize that our Black partners, volunteers, and donors have been uniquely affected by the realities of racism and recent events. We see you, and we are listening.
Medical care from the heart that never gives up - When you live in the high Andes of Ecuador at an altitude of 9,000 feet, where your eyes are subjected to intense solar rays, cold winds blowing off the peaks, and the thick volcanic dust that that for thousands of years has grown the staple foods of corn and potatoes, a film can begin to … Continue reading "Medical care from the heart that never gives up"
Its not work, it’s a lifestyle - I had been walking among indigenous communities and people of many different hues for some years when one day, on the slopes of the Tayta Imbabura, I crossed paths with a Yachak of the Kichwa Otavalo nationality who told me: “You have to plant seeds, wherever you step, wherever you go. You have to plant … Continue reading "Its not work, it’s a lifestyle"
Two Olouguelemo members from different villages share the association’s progress in its environmental protection efforts - Now 19 villages strong, the Olouguelemo Environmental Association continues to implement conservation and restoration projects throughout the Wadouba Township of Mali. The Tandana Foundation supports this village-run association by providing resources and teaching best practice techniques. Below, two members from different villages talk about the successful outcomes of their work so far.
From hacienda to commune to cooperating farm families - Jose Sanchez is an indigenous farmer who grew up working in the fields of a newly formed commune and was optimistically helping organize the former share-croppers that had been liberated from huasipungo, ‘serfdom,’ in the 1960’s. He lives in Cotacachi, a town of 8,000 located a few miles from Otavalo, and with his wife maintains … Continue reading "From hacienda to commune to cooperating farm families"
I learn to become more human while working to benefit others - My name is Veronica Pazmiño and, for around five years, I’ve been in charge of the scholarship program for The Tandana Foundation. Tandana for me is an opportunity, because I’m not just working with students, also, I’m supporting families, communities, and creating strong relationship with communities around Quichinche Parish in Ecuador.
Tandana needs your help to support its community partners through the COVID-19 pandemic - The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading quickly throughout the world, affecting all of us in different ways. It landed quickly in Ecuador, started spreading, and is now on the doorstep of the communities The Tandana Foundation partners with. In Mali, it arrived later, but now, with a growing number of recorded cases, sharing information about the … Continue reading "Tandana needs your help to support its community partners through the COVID-19 pandemic"
Quichinche Hopers: Women Lawyers and Justice in Northern Ecuador - Hope Taft, former first lady of the State of Ohio and now President of The Tandana Foundation, believes in the possibility of changing society and people’s lives for the better. Her letterhead prominently features the phrase “Ohio Hoper.” Gladys Perugachi, an indigenous woman in the Kichwa-speaking region of Ecuador, is a kindred spirit, committed to … Continue reading "Quichinche Hopers: Women Lawyers and Justice in Northern Ecuador"