‘They help me, without me giving them anything’ - The Tandana’s Foundation’s Patient Follow Up Program helps patients who have visited the health care clinics the foundation organizes in rural Ecuador to access additional care they may need from lab tests to specialists, surgeries, and eyeglasses. In the above video, one patient, Tania Fuerez, who utilized the Patient Follow Up Program, expresses her gratitude … Continue reading "‘They help me, without me giving them anything’"
Summer school makes learning fun - The Tandana Foundation puts on a summer school program for secondary school students in Panecillo, Ecuador, every year. During summer school, the students learn English and other subjects through a variety of classes and activities that are part of the program.
Rolling Hills Garden Club of Dayton Ohio receives statewide recognition for supporting The Tandana Foundation - In June of 2019, the Rolling Hills Garden Club of Dayton, Ohio, received a First Place Community Enrichment Project or Program Award from Garden Club of Ohio, Inc. (GCO), an organization of 4,348 individuals in 148 clubs across the state of Ohio. The Rolling Hills club earned the award in the extra small clubs category … Continue reading "Rolling Hills Garden Club of Dayton Ohio receives statewide recognition for supporting The Tandana Foundation"
Two different perspectives on the far-reaching benefits of teaching literacy, numeracy - A primary goal of the literacy and numeracy classes organized by The Tandana Foundation for women in rural Mali is to teach women how to read, write, and do calculations. However, the benefits of these classes go far beyond the women learning these skills. By teaching literacy and numeracy, the instructors also gain skills and … Continue reading "Two different perspectives on the far-reaching benefits of teaching literacy, numeracy"
Many reasons to finish school - Finishing high school is important, but the fees associated with attending school are hard for many families in rural highland Ecuador to afford. Thanks to a scholarship from The Tandana Foundation, Jefferson Adrián Quilumbango Marcillo will be able to graduate. He explains the many things he believes education makes possible in the following.
Tommo So – a language of unimaginable value - A language is an important part of any culture, along with the identity of its people. The ability to speak, read, and write allows a community to communicate with one another and conduct business and everyday transactions. Despite being told otherwise, Sophie Sorgho learned that Tommo So, a language spoken by the Dogon people of … Continue reading "Tommo So – a language of unimaginable value"
The importance of literacy for using cellphones - Cellphones are an important means of communication for many people around the world, but being able to use them requires the ability to read what is displayed on the screens. In a recent conversation, one prospective student speaks with Kessia Kouriba, a literacy teacher for The Tandana Foundation in Mali, about her desire to take … Continue reading "The importance of literacy for using cellphones"
The significance of Health Care Volunteer Ventures – by the numbers - The Tandana Foundation will be holding its 26th Health Care Volunteer Venture (HCVV) in rural highland Ecuador from October 5-12, 2019. Since 2007, when Tandana began partnering with the indigenous communities in the region to host mobile health clinics, volunteering medical professionals and their local counterparts have provided for 11,968 patient visits. This includes providing … Continue reading "The significance of Health Care Volunteer Ventures – by the numbers"
Passion, education, and talent are a recipe for success - Not everyone finds their passion for what they want to do in life as a teenager. However, 15-year-old Elvis Rolando Marcillo Pinsag has already discovered his love of working in restaurants. In the following, Elvis explains how a scholarship from The Tandana Foundation is helping him continue his high school studies and work towards his … Continue reading "Passion, education, and talent are a recipe for success"
The progress of the Savings For Change group in Dimbily - The Tandana Foundation has partnered with villages around the Bandiagara District of Mali to establish Savings For Change groups in their communities. As a result, thousands of women have benefited from the micro-loan program, including Fatouma Kouriba, who provides an update on the SFC group in Dimbily below.