Cursos Vacacionales 2012

Many thanks to Lizzie, Na, Courtney, Emily, Karen, Ramiro, Trini, and Vicente for heading up our best Cursos Vacacionales ever. Can’t wait until next year!

Na teaches English verbs.
Cursos students in art class.

Lizzie Falconer

It’s Summer in Panecillo, and the dust blooms up in great clouds with every step down the narrow road that leads to the Quichinche school.

That has been my second home for the past five weeks, as we ran a summer school for high school students from communities all around Panecillo: La Banda, Agualongo, San Juan, Andaviejo and of course Quichinche. During the school year the big concrete building- with a large black gate that opens to an spacious courtyard where the kids play- holds classes for ages five to about twelve, but during these hot dry summer months, they let the Tandana Foundation take over.

We have held summer classes here for the past few years, always with English and Math classes as our primary focus.  It’s free for the students, a little extra support for their studies. Many of our students have scholarships through the foundation. Summer school…

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