Inside the community of La Banda

The communities the Tandana Foundation works with are as diverse and unique as the projects we partner with them on. In this blog post, Antonio Andrango, president of La Banda, provides a look into his community today and insight into its history and origins. Continue reading “Inside the community of La Banda”

The roots of intercultural collaboration and friendship in Mali

Volunteers and residents of Kansongho celebrate restoration of the well

Every story of friendship has a beginning. For the Tandana Foundation and the Bandiagara District in rural Mali, the story began when Tandana’s founder Anna Taft first visited the Kansongo village in 2007. Despite initial hesitations, this friendship blossomed into a mutually beneficial relationship, creating unanticipated opportunities for intercultural learning and much more. The following blog post describes how this friendship grew into a great collaboration between the American foundation and the local community, along with the impact of their joint efforts. Continue reading “The roots of intercultural collaboration and friendship in Mali”

Motilón Chupa: a diverse community based on collaboration

Members of the Tandana Foundation, along with volunteers from the Ohio Master Gardener program and from several U.S. universities have recently traveled to Motilón Chupa, Ecuador, to collaborate with community members on several projects. These projects included installing a water tank to improve the community’s irrigation system and planting a garden near the school. The following is a story written by Motilón Chupa’s president about the history of the community, its diverse people, and how Tandana’s staff and volunteer support helps them achieve the residents’ long-term goals. Continue reading “Motilón Chupa: a diverse community based on collaboration”

Fixing the roof of Padre Chupa’s community school

For many years, the Tandana Foundation has partnered with the members of the community of Padre Chupa to carry out community projects, such as the roof repair that Segundo writes about.

In a very remote area, approximately 25 kilometers from the city of Otavalo, a small community called Padre Chupa is located, which is home to more than 40 families.

Continue reading “Fixing the roof of Padre Chupa’s community school”

Paving a safer pathway outside Muenala’s community center


In the remote areas of Ecuador, approximately 35 kilometers from the center of San Jose Parish in Quichinche, a small community called Muenala is located. There are more than 30 families living here and we also have a community council. My name is Martha Lanchimba and I am the president of the community. Continue reading “Paving a safer pathway outside Muenala’s community center”